Maria Helena Vieira Campos, born in Lisbon in 1951, and Jean-Claude Loichot, born in Paris in 1948 started their activities in Mozambique in 1975. At that time Maria Helena was making abat-jours in cotton fiber and Jean-Claude was working with leather, wool (macramé) and wood.
In 1981 they found out bamboo and looked for new applications and treatment technics for this plant (with so long tradition in the Orient) wich Renaisance Portuguese named (Cana-da-India) cane of India.
Every year they cut the cane manually in the center and north of Portugal during the new moon of January.
Maria Helena produces a great diversity of small objects. Jean-Claude dedicates himselfe almost exclusively to the making of furniture that he creates and draws himself, associating the work of cane and leather in making chairs and sofas.
All their work is entirely manual, each piece beeing unique, not only for the handmaking itself but also for the natural essence of the material (two canes are never equal).
Maria Helena and Jean-Claude directed in 1987, in São Tomé e Principe, a stage of formation in cane furniture making.
They have been living in the countryside for 28 years, in Algarve, in the south of Portugal.
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